Trafficwave: Considering It’s strengths in Email Marketing Over Aweber

Trafficwave or Aweber

written by: mimisasa

aweberWe can all see how the Internet and social media is growing at a phenomenal speed as opposed to doing business the old way with just a website and very little internet presence. Many company’s who fit in this category will simply fall behind as they fail to take advantage of the new competitive channels for growing sales and business online . With this social media explosion, there is a vast number of new internet channels growing in technologies, utilities and  social media. In fact new ideas are constantly flooding the internet, and many of them going viral and acquiring mass exposure.


However whilst Email marketing b2b and b2c is often overlooked and considered as an out-dated method, it is still a tried and tested method for  building lists and email marketing still out-ways many of these new social media breakthroughs. Email marketing is still a very important tool to have in your marketing kit.

Email marketing is still the best tool to Build relationships with clients and visitors to your website.

In my opinion TrafficWave has a several advantages as an email marketing firm over some of its highly respected and competent competition from auto-responder companies such as Aweber and Get Response.

The best of these advantages, is its price; typically with TrafficWave you can have an unlimited number of subscribers and as many campaigns as you want at no extra cost. You just pay the one set charge regardless of how many subscribers or campaigns you have. This is an important fact because AWeber and other top autoresponder companies in the business include extra charges as the number of subscribers and the number of records you have in your lists begin to grow.

A successful email campaign could very quickly become very expensive.

email_marketingAnother plus, and this is just my opinion is that just like other companies , TrafficWave also provides a 30-day free trial with their company, however you don’t need to use your credit or debit card to try TrafficWave out.

When your 30-day free trial expires you will be simply be offered the opportunity to activate your membership for just $17. 95 a month and continue building your email lists, seamlessly without any disruption, just set up a subscription with your debit, credit card or even use PayPal.


Not that this should influence your decision to choose trafficwave, but I would consider the  point that TrafficWave clients also have an option to earn from Trafficwaves’ optional affiliate program, that is  incorporated into your Trafficwave account. You are not required to be an affiliate,  however should you choose to do so, TrafficWave has an affiliate arrangement paying down 10 levels whereas most other auto-responder affiliate programmes will pay you through two levels, in fact Trafficwave has many different ways to give you rewards should you choose to refer new clients to Trafficwave.


Guest Article written by: mimisasa

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