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Auto-responders and your Email Marketing Technique

Trafficwave and Aweber Auto-responders

written by: zaniemarurumi

aweberAn Auto-responder has to be the cheapest and fastest way to get your message out to a list of people all at once. You can get people to subscribe to your Facebook fan page, but try and send them a message all at once and you’ll see that only a small percentage of your fans will see it.


With an Auto-responder everyone on your list will receive your message.


However you may want to read a few auto-responder reviews before choosing one. My favourite is Trafficwave, however there are others such as Aweber and Get Response.

Auto-responders are a great way to send new prospective customers and also all your loyal returning customers, updates and news of your company products or information, you can even deliver free downloads in return for their subscription to your newsletter.

However; whatever your intention, using an auto-responder is as fast as just sending out a single email but instead each customer would be receiving an email from you as if you have sent to them one by one.

So, what is the criteria to look for when you selecting a autoresponder?

1) Reliable Delivery

Good auto-responders need to ensure that your email is delivered. Some auto-responders may claim that your email sent is 99% guaranteed. Which means that out of 100 emails sent, 99 of your emails will be delivered to its recipitent.
You will be wanting to ensure that your emails will get delivered and not get caught by the spam filters, and you need to note that  this problem can be increased considerably if you use a free email address for your marketing campaigns.

2) Price

Should you get a free auto-responder or pay for an auto-responder?

If you are serious about your internet business, you should consider paying for your auto-responder.  A free autoresponder will send out your emails together with their own email advertisement. So because these  free companies use advertisements to fund their business,your subscribers will read their advertisement first before reading your messages.

You will find that you are actually promoting other people products first and not your own.  Also some auto-responder companies can increase their prices, as you increase the number of your subscribers, this can get very expensive as you grow your list.

3) Good customer support

You should find out how good is the customer support for the autoresponder. The customer support should be available to you at all times and they should be friendly, supportive and competent. You should also find out whether you will be charged for direct phone access as some companies are beginning to do so.

4) Unlimited campaigns

A good auto-responder will allow you to set up as many email campaigns as you like. They should allow you to manage multiple lists. For example if you are running a music business, you should have a separate list of people interested in country, jazz, pop or hip hop music. This will allow you to target your market more specifically.

5) Amount of emails sent

Some auto-responders will set a limited amount of emails that you can send to your list. They will also charge you highly for emails sent after you have exceeded a certain number. A good auto-responder like Trafficwave should allow you to send an unlimited amount of emails to your list.

6) Flexibility of the auto-responder

You should find out how flexible is the auto-responder at managing your list.

Can you move your people from one list to another bigger list?

Can you segment them again depending on whether they open their emails?

Choose and auto-responder with a 30 day free trial to get to see how it works, and if you like it.

7) Counting Subscribers in your list

If your paying extraa for the amount of subscribers you have, then you should know how the auto-responders is counting your subscribers.

For example if you have 3 lists and 3000 members appear in the 3 lists, how does the auto-responder count them?

Will the auto-responder count them as 3000 members or you have 9000 members?

This is especially important if your auto-responder charges increase with the number of your subscribers.

8) Ability to broadcast

A broadcast allow you to send out a single message to your lists on “live”.  A good auto-responder will allow you to broadcast your message and the option to broadcast is wide.

For example you can select whether to broadcast your message to only one list or to all your lists.

In Internet Marketing, Aweber has pretty much become an industry brand name as far as email auto responders go, however it can get very expensive and it is often preferred for its unnecessary bells and whistles which cost extra.

With a simple basic auto-responder that does the job you need it to,  just as well for one standard low price then Trafficwave is my preferred choice. You can quickly run and create email campaigns with ease and it has, powerful email marketing tools. Trafficwave makes it very easy to get your first campaign started, and even if your just starting out. The site has a ton of online video tutorials that show all the auto-responder techniques and strategies.



written by zaniemarurumi

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