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The Magical 3 components of being successful

in any marketing programme or business.

Or the 3 things that will cause you to fail.

Component 1 – Your Sponsor

mysteryYou need to find a sponsor who you like, who you get on with and who you have things in common with too, you need to spend time and get to know your sponsor before joining with him or her. Talk with them, get a feel for them. Many people fail because they do not spend anytime talking or working with their sponsor. They become isolated and attempt to do work as a lone wolf, instead of working as part of a team.

Component 2 – The Business

overpricedThe programme that you join has to be something you like, many people join a programme simply because they like their sponsor, this isn’t enough, It’s very important, but you need more than this.  Whatever mlm programme you join you have to find a personal use for the product or service, it has to be useful to you and be something that you would purchase regardless of the business opportunity.  Many people fail because they don’t want to keep buying the products or services that they are selling to others, they have no respect for them and just want to sponsor people (make money) and not sell or care about the product or service itself. If your not interested in the product or service or indeed if you don’t care about them or even like them, you will eventually start to become embarrassed about the product and service and then eventually the business and sometimes even your sponsor.

Component 3- Do not spend more than you can afford

overspendingDon’t keep spending money, many people start small and then keep increasing their expenses buying and renting products, services, books, research, training. Eventually they start spending so much money, desperate to be successful they just can’t keep it up. Also many IM programmes keep up-selling their members, with upgrades and other offers to earn more money, and this also increases the amount people spend until they simply can’t afford it any-more.

You need to find a company with a product or service that you can afford to stay in, don’t overspend thinking its OK because you will soon make so much money you wont care about what your spending, because I’m here to tell you that you will care about it, your not going to be successful in any business overnight, and if your spending more than your earning, it will eventually cause you to give in and stop.

Think about your motives

Many people start IM because they are desperate, either they have very little money, a dead end job they hate or just can’t find anything in the real world they can do to become an independent business owner. Lets face it most corners of the market are dominated by super-markets, massive conglomerate companies and online companies. Its difficult to run a brick ‘n’ mortar business, overheads and stock are too high and cripple many businesses.

For many people internet marketing companies, drop shipping and running any type of business online is the only real possibility to become successful and independent.

Think carefully about the opportunity and don’t let greed get the better of you.

Millions of people have been trying to make money by recruiting people and selling products for decades, some of these companies are still around, they have grown and changed, and people still join them and people still fail at them, with only a few people at the top earning fortunes.

At first even before the internet companies, mulit level marketing companies were all about selling the idea of having your own business, people joining these companies without looking at the price of the products, and just concentrating on how rich they could be.  And I know this because I have done it myself, so I know how deceptively alluring the prospect of joining a company that can make you rich can be.

Of course its all done on the internet now, and the process of recruitment has changed from branding fantastic products, and services without checking out the price, just looking at how good they were. People joined believing it would be easy and  that it would be the fantastic products that would encourage others to join them in their success.

However this did not work and marketers began to realise that the reasons why they failed had nothing to do with the products or services  with their  companies. The problem is that a few brilliant marketers started to brand themselves and started to be very successful and everyone all the new prospects wanted to join them and not the people they recruited.  This is why people now realise that it is themselves they neeed to brand not the company or its products or services.

Branding yourself

This phase in marketing was when the successful marketers began to realise if they couldn’t teach their recruits to do the same as them,  then every company they started would always eventually fail, so the top marketers began to teach their recruits how to brand themselves and how to generate leads and pitch.

The successful marketers started to realise that they could make more money not from running marketing or mlm  companies themselves  but by simply teaching people (and charging them for coaching) so that people would learn how to market, and learn the mind tricks behind success, and they also started to teach that being successful is also about the state of mind,  and they could learn how to be successful by being taught how to think and feel like successful people, and that they could do it too.

Learning about the pitch.


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