The Autoresponder: Building Your Business On Auto-Pilot

Building Your Business On Auto-Pilot using an Email AutoResponder

By Brian C Nissen,

If your in business, you will be wanting to concentrate your time providing product or service to your customers and not having to spend time marketing.

There are so many ways to market your business since the invention of the internet and its ever increasing ways to promote your company, so you’ll not be wanting to miss out and give that opportunity to your competition.

If you do not have your own website, with an automated message system to track, build and boost your company brand, then your already missing out. And its not just websites, there are many forms of social media that companies are benefiting from everyday. Not having a Facebook page is now becoming a social no no for companies that want to sit back and enjoy the benefits of social media and advertising.

Regardless of what you think about Facebook, its a little like Bovril to many people you either love it or hate it, but whatever your views on it there is no doubt that Facebook is now a necessary part of building a brand for your company both locally and globally.

Should Marketing be hard work, ………………hell no, nobody wants to spend all their time marketing no matter how small or large your company is, with social media at every-bodies fingertips, think…..

How much easier will it be for you to build, track and boost your business if you could run your marketing programme on autopilot?

With your marketing programme running automatically for you, you would not just sit back and relax, you will be working hard, and wondering where you will find the time to relax, as you watch your sales spiral. You should be concerned with employing more staff and getting more work done, instead of wondering or worrying about where the next job is coming from.

Stop dreaming about much-needed vacations, start building relations with your customers, drumming up new business, and getting to know your customers utilising the power of the internet and social media.

I wonder how many people reading this have spent fortunes on seo trying to get to first page on Google, spending fortunes battling on Ad-words just to get your adverts seen and clicked on, only to find that visitors have come to your site and bounced right back of.

All the major companies in industry who use their websites effectively and combine their online presence with social media , know how fickle the digital customer is. The digital customer is not like the high street shopper, they do not walk into your shop and give you the opportunity to give them your sales pitch.

Digital customers come to your site to gleam information before going on to the next site to see what they can find there.

If your spending fortunes and working hard just to get visitors to your site, you really can’t afford to just let them bounce off and go somewhere else.

You need to catch their details and send them information that they can read later in their spare time, you need to keep in contact with them and send them interesting, educating and promotional information about your company product or services.

Email Marketing, B2B Branding

An auto-responder is not going to bring new visitors to your website, but handled correctly it can encourage the visitors you do have to leave a message so you can get right back to them and contact them with your company information and starting building a rapport and begin branding yourself as an expert in your field.

What is an Email Auto-responder?

I explain an auto-responder simply as a digital answer phone message for websites, its a way a visitor to your site can leave their contact details , just like they would leave an answer phone message over the phone, so you can get right back to them and give them the personal touch which all customers love.

Essentially your auto-responder, can leave an automated series of emails that will help you attract more prospects, and give those prospects some value, it can help you build credibility, build rapport and essentially attract new prospects who will want to do business with you.

An auto-responder is email marketing set on autopilot.

Article by Brian C Nissen

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The Autoresponder written by: Brian C Nissen
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  • You are right about nobody wanting to put more time into marketing than they should have to. It is ok to use an automatic responder for things and you do a great job of explaining that here.

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