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Advertising and being see in your Community

Would you like to Boost your Brand by picking up on an old marketing trick.

Have you ever heard of the “Walking Billboard?”

Walking Billboards have been around since the early 1800’s, when they were first used in Great Britain to get around an advertising tax for posting advertising on the sides of buildings.

The term “Walking Billboard” also refers to people who walk around with lots of logos on their clothing. Just look at sports jerseys of today, or clothing or race-car drivers, as examples of the Walking Billboard. The objective is to boost and brand a particular company or product by keeping it in front of your target audience. There is method in their madness, and why we see so many race-car drivers with the Valvoline logo on their clothes, or the Toyota logo, all with the objective of boosting the brand.

Taxi advertising, is used all over the world, to keep a company’s brand in the public mind. Take a look at New York, taxis there are festooned with advertising, not only on the outside, but inside too, and there are now over 100 cities in the United States that follow suit, and many more around the world.

However back to London, where it all began with the Walking Billboard in the 1800’s. You can now see the iconic black cab covered with anything from a billboard attached to the back seat of a cab, to an interactive screen with music, to a cab loaded with full wrap advertising.

This type of advertising has up to now been out of the pocket of many self employed and small companies, and kept in the realm of the large PLC’s, who know the benefits of keeping their brand in the market place in the public mind.

In South Essex, Southend, Rochford, Rayleigh and Castle Point  a small group of entrepreneurs are putting together a taxi advertising service that starts from just £3.35 a day.

The advantage of taxi advertising to boost and brand is, it does just that. It allows for a greater number of people to see the brand over and over, at a cost that is not prohibitive compared to getting similar exposure on television.

It works because you can tailor your advertising to suite access to your target market. For example, the objective may be to focus on a certain segment of the population. Taxi advertisment also has a great advantage over newspaper advertising by presenting your brand information in a controlled environment, when a person is sitting in a cab, with not much else to do but read or listen to the advertising.

This is contrary to newspaper advertising, which the reader may just skim over.

Advertising on the outside of a taxi is referred to as “full wrap”, “super side”, or “rear screen” advertising, and value added services include, “flip seat” and “head rest” advertising, which can take a number of subtle forms.

Taxi advertising in your local community presents a great opportunity to boost and brand your company, or product, in just about every area. Taxis are Walking Billboards and create maximum exposure by keeping your brand or company in front of the population and in their mind 24/7.

From the perspective of cost and targeting, taxi advertising can be very effective, as well, with advertising inside a cab through the use of flip seat or head rest advertising, you get to present your message to a captive audience.

Space in a taxi is all important, as is the message to boost your brand by getting it in front of as many people as possible, as many times as possible and as often as possible, repeat advertising is key to keeping your brand in the customers mind, so when they need a product they immediately think of you.

Ok it may be expensive to advertise with a full wrap which refers to putting your advertising message on just about every imaginable and exposed space on the outside of the taxi. This includes the front, top side and rear panels. The taxi becomes a full moving Billboard.

However there is a variation of the full wrap, the super side wrap, where the side panels on both sides of the taxi are covered with the advertising, and rear screen advertising, and as the name suggests, your advertising message is placed in the rear window of the taxi.

Rear Screen Advertising

Rear Screen Advertising is the most popular and recommend choice for advertising your brand, it may be obvious but its subtle and its brings your company to mind with out being over bearing, people are used to seeing advertisements wherever they go. The font and written text is everywhere in our society, and your ad placed on the back of a taxi will seem normal and regular and is an ideal way to brand your company, keeping you in the public mind.

This is now made possible with new “see through” material, this method is less expensive, and depending on your advertising objective, for example, if you are Starbucks, a local restaurant, business, you may just be looking for a way to keep your brand in front of people, rather than trying to sell a particular product.

In cases such as this, rear screen advertising is simply the most cost effective way to continually boost and brand your company.

Inside the taxi, the typical methods for advertising are, “flip seat” and “head rest” advertising. Flip seat advertising can be stand alone, or can be an extension of external advertising, and includes billboard style advertising placed on the rear side of the front seats.

It could be suggested to be captured advertising, being available when the rider is isolated, comfortable and a captive audience inside the taxi. However as mentioned before, and with a little psychology, we are so comfortable with advertising as we see it everywhere that people do not think twice about it, they notice it and it keeps you the customer in the public mind ready for retrieval when your customer needs you, you dont want to give this opportunity to your competition.

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Taxi Advertising in Your Local Community by Brian C Nissen

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