Social media Advertising

Social media Advertising

Traditionally Advertisement on the internet and online marketing used to be a reflection or just another channel of “branding” using the same passive advertisement mechanism companies have used to brand themselves in the public eye, on Television, Bill-Boards, Newspapers, Magazines and the like.

Companies used marketing professionals to create brand images and disseminated adverts using the available advertising mediums of the time and the public would passively receive them, as they sat watching television, reading or when out and about noticing billboards, and adverts wherever they were placed.

However the advertising game has changed.

Advertising is changing from being passive and becoming more active and interactive. The social media brand of advertisement has developed into a new style of communication between companies and their clients.
The general Facebook and social media communities are now developing and interacting with opinions on popular news articles, sharing their ideas, lifestyles and photos of their family, children and pets, and are opening up and engaging with companies and their brands online through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

There is a constant increase in social media advertisement as more social media channels open up to cater for peoples creativity with photo, video, music and more. And all of this in a way that feels normal and natural to the consumer.
These social media channels open up new and exciting opportunities for advertisement and companies to build brand awareness, in a way that is more powerful than the traditional power of brand building that only used to be comparable with television advertisement.

Now people and companies can come together and join in with advertising to drive brand awareness, and create and empower advertising in a way that customers can to do the marketing for you.

Used correctly social media marketing can generate two way interactive moments in real time with your customers to help and assist companies to achieve their goals.

Most often the goal is to gain visitors to their website and develop brand recognition. However unlike traditional passive forms of advertising, social media taps into the ideas and concepts of your customers who become their own personal advocating marketing vehicle.

This is the power of social media marketing and how advertising and entertainment combine into the most powerful method of marketing in the history of advertising, even more powerful than word of mouth, which has up to now been the King of advertisement and the only source of advertising many small companies and sole traders have ever needed.

Companies are developing new and more modern methods of advertising through posts on social media channels and the content of which is shared, liked, re-tweeted, and shared again, blogged about, you tubed and the list goes on.

This is called the viral effect and it is what companies aim for, when their social media goes viral its like scoring a goal and it is what makes social media advertising so effective. Just 1 like or share on a post can effectively grow to expose that advert to hundreds or even thousands of potential customers who would normally never see your messages. This is because social media is a personal, reflection and so becomes an advocate for branding the  company when friends share the content over their social media site.

This brings with it another layer of credibility. When this is done right, social media can literally transform your business, overnight. However it requires a good strategy, and some creativity, and even possibly a little bit of luck, or trial and error to get something that explodes in social media terms.

However with the wrong emphasis on company promotion, so that it has an unnatural feel and social media can bring some unwanted attention that could potentially reverse your attempts at building your brand image.
Although when using this method called organic growth any mistakes can be quickly forgotten and this unpaid and natural approach to distributing content, can continue working for you virtually on auto-pilot.

For many companies building their brands, organic growth in social media is  a must have component for their digital advertising strategy. Social media channels may feature the major websites like Facebook and Twitter, or it channelled through a blog, customer forums or a smaller niche bookmarking sites.

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