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 Creating Your Own Marketing Online Strategy

What is Online Marketing and how do you set up an “Online Strategy”?

Are you used to working purely off-line using “Traditional Media Channels”

Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazine, Business Cards, Printed Ads and Leaflet Drops

What are the available Online Marketing Channels?

Marketing Online
Marketing Online

Digital,Search, Video, Social, Email, and Display

Paid and Free forms of online advertising

Whether you are starting a home-based business, company or website or even working for a small or large business, you can learn the skills you need to connect with your customers online.


In this article we are going to look at.

How you can use Digital Marketing Channels

Your website
The continuity and change of online marketing
How to analyse your work-flow
The basic foundations of SEO


How to set up your first text and display ads.
Take a basic look at social media and video marketing.


Help you choose which of the online platforms you can use to set up your very own successful online campaign

Email marketing
Content marketing
Mobile marketing.

Online Marketing is essentially using the available online channels search, social, video, e-mail, and display, to promote your business instead of traditional off-line media channels.
Using online marketing your customers are now available anywhere in the world with internet access.
However you have to remember that competition is everywhere, lets just imagine you have a shop in a busy high street, your customers can walk up and down the high street and conduct research, compare options, share with others what they find, and even ask their family or friends for recommendations.

Its not much different online, you can reach people on social media websites, people can scan search engines to check out alternatives, conduct research, compare and share and they can do this in the comfort of their home.
Online marketing is literally transforming the way that people buy their products and services, and with the internet on mobile, they can do this on the train, on the bus, or anywhere they have time to sit and wait.
Unless you have a website that can be found using these online channels, you can bet you won’t even be in the running, it would be like having a shop hidden from view and the only custom you will get is from word of mouth.
Word of Mouth, sharing and referring is still the best way to advertise and find customers, which is why you need a voice on the internet.

Why are companies moving from Traditional Media to Online Media

Newspapers, Magazines and Traditional Print, Telephone Directories, Yellow Pages are losing readership, Newspapers are magazines are converting to online websites, specifically set up for mobile readership and where customers can see pictures and reviews.

Satellite, Cable and Television Broadcasting are losing viewers who are converting to online companies such as Netflix, and all major companies are all setting up in competition with their own online digital alternatives.

Online Marketing is even working in the high street shops, customers can use their phones to scan barcodes, researching best deals, and comparing online prices.

This explains why companies are now spending Billions advertising and working Online, to stand out amongst the crowd and they do this in three main ways.

Pay Paid Ads such as Google Ad-words, Facebook paid Ads, Display ads
Display Company Websites, Facebook Pages, Email Lists
Free Social Media, Press Release, Articles, Forums and Blogs

Pay, Display and Organic Funnels

Spending Money, Learning and Failing

It’s true many people and companies fail when they Start to Market Online, they jump in try a bit of paid advertising, fluff a bit of organic marketing, and have a website no one can see.

Professional companies and marketers use a dedicated online strategy constructed to create a strong return on their investment, in just the same way used to use traditional media channels, speculating to accumulate.

Successful companies have professionals to spend time building strategies combining pay, display and organic advertisement, there are still only to ways to advertise your business or service, create an advert to convince your customer they absolutely need your specific product With a call to action, or create adverts that brand your product so successfully that when a customer needs what you sell, they automatically think of you and go directly to you to purchase.

Design your own Marketing Plan

Don’t work in the dark or on the fly. You need to create your own style, that compliments your business. Decide how you want to advertise, and what type of message you want to send to your target market.

To plan your own “Marketing Strategy” you need a “Clear Focussed Strategy”, Think about your “Target Market”, and how you want them to see and think about you. Ask yourself how do your target market use the internet, and which channels they use? You may find your target market on Google Search or Facebook, they may use Myspace, Linkedin, or Twitter, Youtube its important to find the right channels to work with.

You can use many channels in your Strategy,  just keep your “target market” in mind, create quality content that is relevant and useful to your market.

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