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Creating Valuable Info:

Sending information via email has to be really valuable, on topic, relevant and consistent on a regular basis or your subscribers will quickly ditch you and unsubscribe.

Yes, we know that you want to make sales and send your subscribers your offers and incentives to make the emails more valuable to you, however your email content needs to be on target and valuable to your readers also.

Which do you think is most important, building relationships or making quick sales, for a long term business strategy?

When operating online, your dealing with the same customers that would come into a shop or office, but sat at their computer in their comfort zone, they become digital customers, they may not be ready to buy when they receive your emails, and they are constantly searching for information and looking for somebody to supply them with it, ever ready and hungry for information.

If you limit the content in your emails to your promotions and offers, your emails can quickly become annoying to many subscribers.

Your Emails need to supply on topic, relevant, interesting news and advice.

This will contain Information about the relevant products or services, maybe giving information for people interested in learning about new products, upgrades and the latest trends, in the niche that you provide for. Here you can add in tips and advice that can be valuable to the customers, which can cut down on the amount of research they have to do.

You can show your expertise, and give sound advice that can come from you, your employees, or experts you hire to write relevant material for you. Your messages may contain feature tips, referrals or advice from the customers you have previously satisfied. You may want to share instructions and directions that will help your customers get the most benefit out of the products or services they are interested in.

This information can also help your customers make smarter more informed choices about the purchases or services they are interested in. Make your emailsĀ  informative but also consider making them entertaining – your content could include humour, and use engaging stories, and examples.

If you wish to make your content more entertaining, remember to remain consistent and on topic; dont upset your subscribers with irelevant of topic content. Use facts and research to give your audience more than just an opinion, engage them with valuable content that you can write your self or if necessary out-source it. Spending some good money outsourcing excellent articles is far better than offering your customersĀ  low quality and poorly written material.

The Golden Rule
Always publish only original material and never scrape or gleam information or copy information from other websites or sources. Always assume that all content is copyright protected and consult a licensed solicitor if your not sure.

However the best rule is not to use other peoples materials full stop.

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How to Create valuable information in Email Marketing and b2b Branding by Brian C Nissen

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  • It does depend on what type of company you are operating, but I would think that building those relationships is the most important. The sales will come with those relationships. Often time the opportunities that come along for your business come from those long term relationships as well.

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