How I beat Google Ad-words, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo

No more spending fortunes to get clicks on my website.

We all know that the best way to get visitors to your website is to get on first page on the search engines. This is organic growth and it can can take a lot of specialised knowledge and time to reach this position, and even when you get there, its just as hard being able to remain there.

The next best way to get visitors is ppc or pay per click advertising, and this can cost a fortune, I have worked with Google Ad-words and Bing and even Facebook advertising to get visitors to my website. Even with Bing which is a much cheaper way to get clicks than the others, with a $100 budget you can still only get 60 plus clicks to your website. To get 300 clicks can cost a small fortune and even though you are paying for this privilege, these advertising companies make you jump through hoops to make sure your ads meet their approval and will often disapprove ads with petty rules that make you have to work to get the opportunity to advertise on their network.

This month I succeed in getting 300 clicks, through ppc advertising and all for the simple monthly charge of $19.95 per month.

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Good Luck, beat the search engine prices and still get great results…

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