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Are FaceBook pages are an invaluable aid to Branding your business?

facebook fanpageFacebook Fanpage Design and Setup

With this premium service, we will create a custom Facebook fan page design for you including all the elements like your FB profile picture, header cover picture and photos panel to help your clients or customers interact with your brand on Facebook more easily and give them a new branded experience. Our design services will help you to also maintain the brand and keep changing the theme of your page based on offers or seasons or events as they come along. We can regularly update things and give a refreshing experience to your users.

Order our Facebook page design service today and let us help you engage more customers.

Facebook Pages Ads and Posts

Facebook pages like any media used to advertise your company / website start with the cover phot and profile photo, a professional image and design here makes a good start to branding your business.

Eye Candy and Quality Content

Encourage your customers or indeed prospective customers to like your facebook page and you have the starting of a list, and  in the world of online marketing, having a list that you can use to keep in contact with purchasers is more than half the battle.

Facebook pages are all about giving your purchasers quality content on or about your products and services.

Clubs and organisations can use their page to publish notifications and special events, inform and educate prospects on what makes their club so special and popular.  They can improve build membership through referals, likes and shares and improve overall communication.

Restaurant Ownwers, might use their facebook page to reward customer loyalty, publish coupons and promote live entertainment or special events such as Mothers Day.  As with any business they can grow their customer base and get more referals.

It is easy to see how a facebook page can help you and your business highlight your best  assets and help you keep everything in one place to contact your target market.

Click the Mercedes to Visit our Facebook page
Click the Mercedes to Visit our Facebook page

 Entertainers, DJ, Photographers, Artists

Keep your fans updated, publish tour dates or schedule changes.  Share press releases and increase sales boost your ticket sales and promote special causesand events.

The list goes on, can you see how a facebook page could help you with;

A website Blog, Hairdressing, Window Cleaning, Car Wash, Cafe or Cake shop.

 This process isn’t difficult.

Creating a facebook page and getting some resonably priced graphics to help you is not difficult and once you get started you can keep adding and keep branding yourself on a regular basis, slowly growing your database and popularity, simply by publishing quality content that is useful and relevant to your audience.

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Facebook Live

Update May 24, 2016: Facebook Live continues to be updated to allow for Constant Live Video, for example, nature feeds. It now also allows broadcasters to restrict their videos to a specific location and age bracket with geo- and age gating. When viewing a replay of the Facebook Live video, users may currently be able to see when the participation was at its highest for them to leap to the most effective bits of the video.

Exploit What’s on the mind? on top of the News Feed in your Facebook app. Select an audience for the video, Public, Friends etc. To assist you create the most effective possible live video, have a look at our Facebook Live Hints and Tricks, including pointers on the way to construct anticipation for the live broadcast, compose a captivating description for the video, how to get more customers, and more. During your Facebook Live program, you’ll be able to see the complete number of live viewers, the names of Facebook pals who’re watching your live broadcast, and react in real time to opinions from your audience.

When you finish the live broadcast, the video is automatically saved to the Facebook Timeline the same as a normal video. Then you’re able to select to delete the video or be sure that it remains on your timeline to that the teammates can watch it later. If during the live broadcast, you find yourself the victim of the troll – or just don’t like a viewer’s remarks – you may go right ahead and block that viewer from your own broadcast. To block a viewer, tap their profile image next to their comment and tap Block. Live videos shared by your mates and public figures you follow may show up right in your News Feed.

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