Everything you do Communicates

Everything you do Communicates

This is attraction marketing in a nutshell...There is nothing worse than a salesperson who is obviously just after your money, when you speak to them – they hear your words, but their mind chatter is just thinking about what they are going to say next, they can’t wait to jump in and speak over you, and are annoyingly boring, they don’t listen and even more they do not care about you. They just want to make the next smart comment that they have practised saying over and over.

Business is all about Communication and Connecting with people– and the good news is that we can all learn how to do this.

Everything you do Communicates

This is the most important thing you have to learn and the one thing they don’t teach you at school.

Everything you do CommunicatesOne of the main reasons for failure in sales is trying to sell people the product instead of asking why they need it and having a genuine interest in their situation and needs. Good intentions lead to good actions, if you have the right attitude you don’t need to worry about what your going to say and have a clever sales pitch. This is an old school method of sales and today’s customers are smarter than that – they will smell your bad sales pitch a mile away.

The first major quality of Sales is to be genuinely interested in the customer, so if your an entrepreneur you will maybe (most probably) have a list of businesses not just one, just be careful that you don’t pick a new business just because it makes money; make sure you have some specialised knowledge or more importantly a genuine interest in the product or service.

Everything you do CommunicatesReally good Connectors rarely get distracted. This brings us back to the sales pitch, poor salesmen get distracted from their customers needs, they can forget the customer is talking, they can hear the customer answering their questions but are distracted by what they want to say next and ignore what the customer is telling them. If you listen carefully the customer will tell you exactly what you need to say to them to make the sale. The poor salesman does not listen to this info and ignores it, distracted by what they want to say next rather than what they need to hear. If you genuinely want to help your customer you will listen to them and hear exactly what you need to do to help them make a purchase.

Everything you do CommunicatesPractice a good tone on the phone, in person or on video, because everything communicates. People can feel you over the phone, yes on a subconscious level people can hear a smile over the phone. They can sense your feelings through a video, or even through the words you write on paper.

Good connectors have assertiveness, and this is one of those words which means different things to different people, and it really just means in this context to not to be afraid to have an opinion. If you have an opinion and you are happy about it, sometimes the closest people around you can shut you down, that’s right. They love you and they don’t want to see you try to change your status quo.

Everything you do CommunicatesThis is not Bible Bashing, having an opinion and ignoring everything else in the world, being sanctimonious and preaching not listening. No – its healthy to have an opinion but let others have theirs too. Find something that feels right to you, and you won’t be too embarrassed to speak or so over bearing that people hide from you. For example if you give up smoking and as a result your opinion has changed about smoking, you don’t have to frown on people who still smoke or convert them, they smoke and you don’t – get over it and move on.

Everything you do CommunicatesGood connectors connect easily without tension or strain. This is no accident and its not the result of learning a script or a set of rote learnt by heart answers to specific questions. It simply stems from having a genuine interest in you product or service, being interested in your product or service and talking to clients about their interest in the product or service. Talking to other people in your field of expertise about their experiences with your product or service.

Good connectors always agree – the power of agreement. This is actually one of the most brilliant ways of convincing people to change their mind, when I learnt this I thought it was so brilliant I just used it all the time.

Everything you do CommunicatesAgreeing with people is powerful, and some people do this naturally, somehow some way they just learnt the power naturally. Have you ever had an argument with somebody, I had a partner and she did this all the time, in any argument she would just agree with me, whatever it was, she would just say your right and agree with me. It stops any disagreement and cuts it dead. The next day however everything just went back to normal as if the conversation had never happened.

Always agree – it doesn’t mean you have to accept it – its the power of agreement.

The hard part in any connection with people and communicating with them is not to allow yourself to distract them and this is Key, when you understand this your communication skills with people will enhance exponentially.


Everything you do CommunicatesThere, I said it in Bold Distracting Letters – LOL, don’t you just hate that. In fact even using LOL can distract people from your message. Distraction can wake people up, do you like being woken up when your comfortable? Using the power of agreement makes people comfortable and puts them in their happy place, once they are there don’t distract them.

The key to sales is attraction, so this means being dressed appropriately, body language, posture, at trade shows the number one cause for poor sales has been the salesman’s bad breath or body odour, being in a trade show all day can seriously put a strain on your personal hygiene. If your working online do not use a poor quality profile picture or quirky profile unless your in the business where being quirky fits.

Everything you do CommunicatesGood connectors are always honest, tell the truth. There is always that irresistible habit people make that is “Fake it till You Make It” policy, Don’t do it. Its not attractive and people will see through it, they maybe won’t tell you to your face, but they will tell people behind your back.

If people ask you a question and you don’t know the answer – what should you do?

Be honest, its OK not to know the answer to everything, but instead of making one up, just tell them you don’t know but that you can find out for them and get back to them.

Everything you do CommunicatesSo this brings us to the next attribute for a great connector and that is you got to know your stuff, and you have to have access to information or even people to answer the really hard or technical questions, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist but just be generally prepared about knowledge of your products or service.

Now I realise that some people may disagree with me here and will always choose to bluff their way out of an awkward situation, all I am saying here is that many successful people all share this same quality of being honest when they don’t know an answer. Henry Ford had a succession of men at his disposal – when he did not know the answer to a question pertaining to his business, he would press the appropriate buzzer on his desk and the right person would come in an answer his question.

Everything you do CommunicatesThe next thing is to communicate on your customers level, don’t try to baffle someone with science and try to confuse them if they don’t communicate on that level.

If you start making your product or service sound complicated – people are going to switch off and think I don’t like this it sounds too complicated, I’ll never be able to learn or do this. Some people only want a remote for their tv that has on and off and channel switching, others may want more detailed and accurate remote sets that they can use all their TV functions.

Don’t over complicate things to make it sound clever when you don’t need to.

Lastly Have good intentions – Have the intention to make somebody’s life better.

Good intentions lead to good actions.

Everything you do CommunicatesIf you have the intentions to make somebody’s life better I guarantee you , you don’t have to worry about price, your products or your services, what you say or even your actions, if you have the intention to make somebody’s life better and you use the other skills mentioned earlier you will excel in your business.

Good connectors do things in a way that are duplicative. Keep things simple and interesting at the end of the day the customer doesn’t really care about you they care about themselves. So if you care about their stuff, just imagine how much they will be attracted to you.

The really very last thing to remember is to connect in depth and this is crucial never sell something to anyone just to make the sale, you make the sale to get into somebody’s network, because this is what will lead you to making sales through Word-Off-Mouth.

This is attraction marketing in a nutshell…

Everything you do Communicates

Written By Brian Nissen

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