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Creating a logo – Taking yourself seriously

Branding yourself and not your business.  If you are building yourself as a business you need to have a professional look and a professional presence across your website and all the social media websites.  This is how all the successful professionals are doing business online.

The Logo

 What is your Logo and why is it important?

A logo is basically a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol that is commonly used in business to aid and promote instant public recognition.

However, your Logo is not your Brand,

Although it is an important part of your Brand.

Logos can be either purely graphic using symbols/icons or they can be composed of the name of the business / website using a logotype or wordmark or a combination of both.

However you choose to represent your brand with a Logo, there is one major rule, Keep it simple.

Logo’s need to be instantly recognised and remembered.

Visual Representations

We can trace Logo’s right back to Roman times, where shops would have symbols and images painted outside their shop to signify what there business was doing, (no windows in buildings in these times) a blacksmith might use a horseshoe and a butcher may have a leg of pork painted on the side of the building. These symbols and images would be used as visual representations of the family business.

Experiences and Associations

This is probably the early beginning of the logo as people would become accustomed to seeing similar signs to represent similar business’s, and remember their experiences and associations with that shop or company. Each sign would be most likely painted by the owner or somebody they knew to paint it for them, so the signs would be similar so as to be understood easily but also unique to represent a difference in ownership.

Untitled-1As family’s grew and business expanded, fathers, sons, siblings having a family sign would have been the first instances of visual branding where people would use the shops or business’s of specific families that were easily recognised and associated with a business or service they felt comfortable with.

In large cities family business were recognised by the artwork of the signs outside their shops just as today a logo can represent a business all over the world and people will know what to expect from that business before they even cross the threshold of the store, just by their logo.

Your business or website Logo will eventually represent a visual representation of your brand.

The logo should be instantly recognisable in a visual / symbolic form, it needs to be distinctive in its own unique manner, and it needs to communicate a message about the company.

However you must not be of the impression that a good logo will magically transform your brand into an instantly recognisable certification of approval from your target market. The Logo will be used when branding your company so that over time it will inspire affection and loyalty, as it becomes associated with your company mission, its history and how people perceive it.

Graphic DesingYour logo can be representative of the imaginative ideal of what you wish people to perceive about your business in your own mind.

A logo may be; formal or informal, fluffy or solid, nomadic or reliable, scruffy or professional, straight or creative. However although it should be unique, it should not be based on a fad, a gimmick or be in any way dated. You want the logo to stand forever like the inimitable Coka-Cola logo.

Although done properly Re-Branding your logo can give the impression of change within a company and its products or services, when it is needed.

In addition to the Logo you can create a company brand with;

Advertising Strategies



Building architecture

Staff uniforms


What makes a Good Logo Standout?

A good logo must be simple and look easy.

It should be made from the most simple elements, it needs to be able to be clear and crisp whatever size it is displayed or printed.

“Design is so simple, that’s why it’s so complicated.” Paul Rand

* A good logo should look good in black and white as well as in colour.

* Have a symbolic or visual representation to the company.

* Scalable


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Written By Brian C Nissen

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