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Building A FREE Website

Marketing Online is not just for the internet Guru’s or Companies that can afford to spend money having another company build and design a website for them.

bt1You can set up your own website very quickly and easily and you can start it simply and easily at no cost to you.

Now i’m not saying that FREE is best, but it can and will get you started.
There are many free methods and internet companies that will provide you with a free website, and regardless of whether  you are settting up a business website, a hobby website or blog.  WordPress is best equipped to get you started.  WordPress has free and paid choices for starting a website, so the business company or blogger can make their choice.
WordPress also offer free templates or if you wish you can pay extra and get some very good professional templates that can turn your blog or website into a very professional company website, depending on what you are looking for.
Let us start with Setting up your own FREE  Website on wordpress, don’t worry if you want to go pro later and use your own platform you will be able to do so very easily.
Ok, so as I said before, there are many free websites out there, to find them you just need to google free website and google will find them for you.

At Weeb we suggest using WordPress as it favours highly with Google and also because its simple to understand and easy to follow.

You can find it by typing in your browser or by simply typing into google

If you already have a website host, for example hostgator and go-daddy, it is a good idea to set up a sub domain and install a wordpress blog in there, hostgator and go-daddy both have an excellent customer service department that will help you do this and often will virtually do it for you.

Ok – so to start just go to

click on create website

The first page it sends you to will ask you for your email address, wordpress will check your email and then give it a green tick to let you know it has found it.

Next come up with a user name, choose something that you will easily remember or make sure you write it down so you do not forget it. (You can use your name here), we used “simpleeasymarketing”.

In the next box you will notice wordpress has already put your email address typed into the blog name box.

You can simply delete this and choose your own blog title

Here you can Come up with a unique blog url that will help readers find you!

It is a good idea to prepare a list of potential website address (url) names in case your first choice is already taken.

Bloggers, sole traders and affiliate marketers usually promote their own name in the url, however you may wish to choose a title related to your company or choose an acronym based on your company.

You should be aware that all free websites have “” in the url, directly after your “chosen” website address name.

Example: (Note: it is possible to buy your way around this, using your own web host such as  or have wordpress register a domain name for you – but we are presently discussing ways to do this for free).

Fill in your chosen title and choose, no thanks I’ll use the free address, wordpress will not mind and are happy for you to use the free address.

WordPress will ask you to think about upgrading, again this is not necessary, the free account is ample for your needs.

choose the free blog and click on create blog

wordpress will take you to their first page, it is called step 1

Step 1

You can leave the blog title and language as it is.

You can type in the box named tagline just a few words about your website


learn simple easy marketing methods to build your own business online.

Then click next step

Step 2

wordpress will ask to choose a theme

At this stage click on the first theme twentytwelve, you can change this and customise it later, for now just choose twentytwelve.

Step 3

now click on next step

Step 4

wordpress will ask you to Share your blog posts with family, friends, or followers

on twitter and facebook, just ignore this for now and click next

WordPress will take you next to a page that will ask you to verify your email, so it’s safe to close your website window now and go and get your email from wordpress and click activate your account

wordpress will have sent you two emails the first subject line will be

Confirm your email address for

Open this email and click activate your account

wordpress will send you to a new webpage you can just close this and go to your second email

with is yours! Start customizing it now – in the subject line

Click on this email and it will allow you to log into your new wordpress website

Now to get back to your website you can goto and it will take you to the wordpress reader, click on my websites in the top left corner and you will see the dashboard for your website.

Alternatively you can go to your website the  address we chose for this example  is

and you will be able to log into your website

Congratulations you now have a website that will enable you to run a business from.

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