4 Tips for Using Aweber or Trafficwave to send out Mailing Lists.

Using Aweber or Trafficwave to send out Mailing Lists.


written by: ofafah5

Whichever auto-responder service you use, you need a good plan of action.

New Marketers often make a big mistake when they start marketing Newsletters .

They often create the information to start mailing, and then think about their target market almost as an afterthought.

They have it in reverse.

The right approach to sending regular newsletters is to first understand, find, examine, research and begin to get to know the market (your prospective customers) your targeting – including their wants and needs – and then tailor your Newsletter to suit.

Here are a few things to consider when writing your Newsletters that are important.

First, think about which ideas, promotions, and news items will work together to increase interest in your offer – and also think about which ideas might work against you.

Second, choosing a winning strategy is important and to find this you need to do what we call a pilot test, that is start with a small group, lets say just three to five (more is better) of the subscribers on your list.

Third, Send them out your newsletter and check the response, maybe contact them and ask them questions and get feedback, you can also do this with groups of friends, colleagues or even relatives too and see what reactions people have to your newsletter.

Fourth, Keep all the good ideas and use them to create newsletters that you can send to the rest of the subscribers on your list.

Send out your Newsletters but always constantly monitor the open rates and feedback that you get from them, you need to be constantly working on your newsletters until you get them how you like them.

Often it may be a good idea to send out two newsletters and check the reactions against group 1 and compare them to group two. You may find a considerable difference to completing your goals in both groups.

Which ever responder service you are using Aweber or Trafficwave, weigh up which group is the winner and monitor your results consistently.
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